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What is the WellRyde Affiliate Program?

WellRyde Affiliate Program (WFA) enables you to get access to a vast network of transportation providers that use WellRyde as a technology platform for their NEMT business. You can refer new Transportation Providers looking for NEMT technology to join the WellRyde network and benefit from the best NEMT technology platform in the market. You in turn can earn a referral fee as well. You will enjoy priority access to the WellRyde’s Transportation Marketplace where you can search HIPAA certified providers and reach out to them to setup business relationships. WellRyde platform team will work with you to setup out of the box integrations with your technology platforms to ensure a seamless experience.

Who qualifies to participate in Wellryde Affiliate Program?

Organizations involved in orchestrating myriad aspects of Non Medical Transportation business qualify for participating in the WellRyde Affiliate Program. Here is a non exhaustive list of types of participating organizations

Managed Care Organizations
National Transportation Brokers
Regional Transportation Brokers
Community Transit Organizations
Medical Transportation Technology Platforms
Medical Facilities

What are the benefits for WellRyde Affiliate Program?

Access to WellRyde’s nationwide transportation provider network to form business relationship
Premium system integration support for your systems to seamlessly interact with WellRyde platform
Referral bonus earnings for referring new transportation providers to the WellRyde network

How do we get started on the WellRyde Affiliate Program?

Fill out the form below and our Affiliate Program specialist will contact you and guide you through next steps in the process. .