A4 Apple Case Study

A4 Apple is a Medical Transportation Provider in Texas that does Medical trips in and around Dallas Fort-Worth area. A4 Apple is an interesting story of three partners Sanjay, Robert and Mohammed coming together. Prior to starting A4 Apple they had their own transportation companies. Once A4 Apple was formed they partnered with brokers and ensure high quality rides for their customers. With the partnership they have forged ahead and evolved into a company well positioned to handle all types of Medical trips.

Prior to using WellRyde Sanjay and his partners spent hours creating schedule, communicating with drivers via emails, text or calls regarding their schedule every day. According to Sanjay “ We used to spend about 4 hours every day working till midnight building our schedule on spread sheets and setting the plan up for the next day”. They were planning to grow their fleet and increase business. Increasing business would involve performing more trips and hence more time scheduling and planning.

Second challenge they faced was billing. They were heavily dependent on drivers returning their paper logs at end of every day to help prepare the weekly billing. Any delay in logs being turned in or missing created additional delay. According to Sanjay and his partners “we used to easily spend 2 to 3 hours every week billing trips manually”. They were desperately looking at a platform they can rely on that can help streamline their process.

Fast forward to 2019, Sanjay and his partners implemented WellRyde in their location and very soon started seeing benefits. With appropriate tools in the WellRyde platform, they saw 75% reduction in Scheduling time. According to Sanjay “WellRyde has given us peace of mind. Now we spend less than an hour with our scheduling. It is an absolute time savior for us”. Now drivers are able to see their schedule for the next day by 5 PM every day. This has helped their drivers plan their route and make any last-minute changes to their schedule.

Billing has become highly streamlined. Sanjay states that “by billing via WellRyde we see 90% savings in time spent”. The ability to take have all information electronic makes it very easy to view and submit once ready.

A4 Apple was able to invest time in increasing their capacity and taking on additional business. Since they have started using WellRyde their size grew 25%.

Royal Transportation Case Study

Royal Transportation, a transportation provider based out of South Florida servicing Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Experienced transportation professionals came together in 2018 to start this organization. After initial years of setup the company grew in quickly establishing contracts with major brokers and hospitals in that area. They have always focused on providing on-time transportation service with zero complaints.

From the early formation time, the founders of Royal Transportation were very particular about the need for a robust Scheduling and Dispatch solution that is very user friendly. After an extensive search they were impressed with WellRyde. According to one of the founders “WellRyde platform was very user friendly and provided us with features we did not even expect. When we started we as a small company it quickly provided us with tools that you normally see with bigger companies who have spent large amount of money on customization.”

Associates at Royal Transportation loved the easy to learn and use Driver App. According to Royal dispatch team “drivers were able to easily follow their schedule through the App and complete their trips efficiently”.

As Royal Transportation looked to expand their partnerships with major brokers and local hospitals they required that the platform they are using seamlessly integrate trips from these sources. WellRyde provided that ease of integration for them. Royal states that “the single best feature was the integration with the large brokers, where you could complete your daily trips and bill them electronically on the same day”. In addition to this “it features live chat and robust reporting framework that allowed us to have a good grasp on our operation”.

Royal Transportation have grown more than 300% in their volumes since they started and according to them “they (WellRyde) have helped us grow and adapt to changes in our operation. I would recommend WellRyde to anyone that is looking for affordable solution that is packed with features that any non-emergency transportation company would need.”