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  • What are the various Trip upload templates that were sent to me in the Welcome Packet?
    In the Welcome e-mail you should have received the following Trip templates:

    • Generic Trip upload Template – This template should be used to upload your Private Pay or Trips from other sources.
    • Access2Care Trip upload Templates – This template should be used to upload Trips from A2C.
  • When and How to use the User and Vehicle upload template?
    If you are an existing WellRyde customer (via LogistiCare) you would have downloaded your users and vehicles. If you are not an existing WellRyde Customer OR you have to add drivers/vehicles that have been credentialed else where, you can use the User and Vehicle Upload Template to upload them en-masse. Learn more at How to create users and How to create vehicles. These resources will be available after you register.
  • How does the login process to WellRyde work?
    You will receive all your credentials through a Welcome Email after you have registered. The credentials will have been created using the Registrant’s name and email. This person can login to the system and create users, so that the users can access certain parts of the system.
  • Where can I download the WellRyde App from?
    If you are an Android User: Go to Google Play and Download the App.If you are an iOS User: Go to the Apple App Store and Download the App.
  • How will the Driver credentials be created?
    The Registrant/Super User will create Users that have the Driver Role/Credentials attached. Please refer to the question, “How does the login process to WellRyde work?*”
  • What are security questions? Why should I answer them?
    We value security. We want your WellRyde login credentials to be secure with an additional requirement. You Must answer a minimum of 3/10 Security question when any user logs in the first time. Every user receives the same set of questions. The purpose of the security questions is that in case any user forgets their password, they can easily reset their password by answering the questions.
  • How can I tell which source Trip belongs to?
    In the Portal, users can look under the ‘Trip Source’ Column in the Trip Screen to easily identify which trip belongs to which source. In addition, you can use the Conditional Formatting feature in WellRyde to highlight trips in different colors based on the Source. To learn more click on  Conditional Formatting.