WellRyde for Trip Funding Sources -NEMT Brokers, MCOs and CCOs

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Real-time visibility and exception management across your entire network.

NEMT Brokers

As a broker, complete network visibility is a must for rider/member safety and satisfaction. Visibility is key to enabling rider self-service, reducing rider call volumes and re-routing/cancellation management across the network. The last thing your organization wants to do is leave a rider stranded because there was no one available to pick them up. The supply/demand game is a tricky one. But with the emergence of ride-shares/TNC companies and rideshare technologies you can plan for the unknown more effectively.

Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) & Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs)

As a primary trip source, MCOs and CCOs can also gain visibility across the entire network regardless of who is managing or completing your trip. That’s because WellRyde is networked. Your brokers can agree to provide visibility into their network, in addition to your own network of transportation providers or contracted drivers.

Key Features

Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) for real-time rider/member visibility.

Real-time event integration your trips as processed by dispatchers and drivers.

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Text and email based rider/member notifications.

Rider database and recurring trip management.

An interactive rider portal with driver rating and safety features.

Trip assignment/re-route/cancellation management.

Trip import from funding sources.

WellRyde Now mobile app to support contract drivers and manage network variables.

One of our product representatives will reach out to you to provide pricing details.

Frequently asked questions

WellRyde has a built in Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL), which enables CSRs to search for current rider/member location, see available drivers around their location and assign the rider to a driver and provider real-time ETA on pickup.

No, WellRyde is a networked platform.  CSRs simply require a single sign on userid and password to see across your entire network.

Trips get into the WellRyde platform using our integration framework and RESTful APIs , using an excel trip import process, or by manually creating trips or recurring trips directly within the platform.

Partnered With The Largest NEMT Provider

WellRyde provides us the opportunity to know where the vehicles are. [We use] the data to make decisions – how many providers do we need, how many vehicles do we need to contract…We need to know what’s happening in our infrastructure on a real-time basis.

Ed Ringer
Chief Information Officer, Logisticare

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