WellRyde for Dispatchers


As a dispatcher it’s all about speed.  You’re on the phone constantly with trip/funding sources, drivers and riders.  You need to know where your fleet of vehicles and drivers are at a moment’s notice to take swift action.  You need planning tools to assist you in building optimal routes for your vehicles and drivers, and you need to be able to seamlessly handle exceptions and the unknowns that are thrown at you daily.  And for those dispatchers that also drive during the day, you need a way to dispatch directly from a mobile app while on the go.


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Key Features

Manual trips assignment

Manual trips assignment and exception management (reroutes, cancellations, no-shows, etc.)

WellRyde Android and iOS App

Dispatch from the WellRyde Android and iOS App

Trip recurrence scheduling

Trip recurrence scheduling

Trip level history

Trip level history and event tracking for driver audits

Rider Database and recurring trip management

Contextual Assisted Trip Planning

Trip Route Optimization

Trip Route Optimization

Real-time dashboards

Real-time dashboards with configurable widgets

Scheduled report generation

Scheduled report generation and distribution on historical activities

Driver and rider notifications

Driver and rider notifications (email, sms/text and push notification)

Trip assignment to business partners

Trip assignment to business partners

import templates

Direct Integration and/or predefined broker import templates

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Frequently asked questions

All routes are built as drafts before they are confirmed.  So any drafts routes can be adjusted by adding or removing trips legs or Pickup or Drop-off stops from them.  In fact, dispatchers can make adjustments to confirmed routes by adding or removing trips as well.

In the latest release of the WellRyde dispatch portal, WellRyde supports both list view and contextual map view trip assignment to drivers and/or vehicle routes.

Yes, multiple trips sources can be defined within one excel import sheet which can seamlessly be imported into the WellRyde platform for assignment, processing and billing.


Since implementing WellRyde into our daily operations, it has made dispatching much easier and faster and saves us an immense amount of time and money on billing. Some of our most appreciated features are the speed and ease of assigning and moving trips to and from drivers throughout the day, as well as the reports that aide in the billing process.

Angie Seaton
Owner of Show-Me Medical Transportation