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WellRyde for Riders/Patients


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Patients or Riders want safe, on-time and reliable transportation services.  They want the ability to choose their preferred providers; even preferred drivers.  Riders also want choice when it comes to getting information about their trip (Where’s my Ride?).  Whether it’s calling an 800 phone number, receive a text message, use a mobile application or even use in-home voice enabled devices such as Google at Home or Amazon Alexa.  Riders also want the ability to create and pay for their own private pay trips and companion services with providers and drivers that they know and trust.  They want to provide ongoing feedback about their experiences to drive change to make future experiences better for them and all riders, and they want means to keep themselves safe while in-transit.

Trip sources, brokers and transportation providers all need tools to give riders the best experience for every trip, every day.  This includes recurring trip and route management so that preferred driver requirements are met, real-time visibility for all participants and leveraging rider/patient feedback for future trip engagements with the rider.  General rider and patient management is also required to maintain rider preferences, past historic information, payment methods, accurate address information and general notes.

Key Features

Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) for real-time rider/member visibility.

Manual or automated

Manual or automated/optimized trip planning and assignment.

Rider_Patient Portal

Rider/Patient portal accessible from sms/text or email messages.

Rider_Patient application

Rider/Patient application with trip ETA, driver and vehicle information.

Driver and rider notifications

Emergency notifications to rider’s emergency contacts and transportation provider dispatchers.

Driver rating by rider

Driver rating by rider.

Dynamic Will Call Management

Dynamic will call management.

Rider_Rooster Management

Rider/Roster management.

Recurring_Standing Order Trips

Recurring/Standing order trips.

Frequently asked questions

While riders can receive trips updates through a smart phone app, WellRyde primarily supports trips status updates to a rider’s mobile number via sms/text messages.  Alerts include driver and vehicle information, general status and a link to a web portal for greater visibility and information.

WellRyde supports standing order or recurring trips where dispatchers can schedule trips in advance using a trip template.

Riders can access the web portal from their text message they receive from their enroute trip.  If the rider feels like they are in danger, they simply press a button on the portal which sends a pre-canned notification out to the rider’s list of contacts including the transportation provider’s dispatch team.