Posted by Anantha Rao

WellRyde by nuVizz, Inc. and Circulation Partner for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation


WellRyde, a nuVizz Inc. transportation solution, today announced that it has signed a partnership with Circulation (, an on-demand transportation exchange that helps facilitate non-emergency medical transportation for over 1,600 medical facilities nationwide. As the fastest growing NEMT dispatch solution, WellRyde enables in excess of 16 million trips a year and services a network of over 1,000 transportation providers through the company’s easy-to-use mobility-as-a-service platform.

The partnership will further enable Circulation’s healthcare clients to access WellRyde’s expansive network of NEMT providers — thereby improving access for patients who require specialized transport to get to and from their medical appointments.

“The Well Ryde and Circulation partnership will enable riders and hospitals nationwide to access a large transportation network capable of providing WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles) transport. With this partnership, the hassle of making a transportation request is largely mitigated with a superior platform integration. By partnering with Circulation, transportation providers can expand their coverage and efficiently increase their fleet utilization and hence their revenue“ said Anantha Rao, COO & CTO WellRyde, “WellRyde has become the leader in the space of NEMT transportation providers, NEMT brokers and Trip aggregators. Consolidating rider demand and execution in a single platform is a win-win for hospitals, care coordinators, brokers and above all, the riders”.

Starting later this summer, WellRyde’s transportation providers will have the opportunity to seamlessly integrate with the Circulation network via the WellRyde’s Trip Market, giving them the ability to accept NEMT rides within their coverage area. As a result of this real-time integration, WellRyde’s transportation providers can expect higher fleet utilization, wider coverage, and a more seamless exchange of trip data.

“This partnership is about matching demand for specialized medical transportation with fleet availability from local transportation providers” said Matt Murphy, Director of Network Operations at Circulation. “With our ride-matching intelligence and transportation exchange platform feeding into WellRyde’s provider network, we can ensure that all patients have access to timely, high-quality NEMT rides.”

WellRyde has become a leader in the NEMT transportation provider space. With a highly customizable platform featuring streamlined NEMT workflows, WellRyde helps transportation providers:

  • Aggregate trips from multiple brokers.
  • Track trip status in real time.
  • Optimize driver routes.
  • Manage driver schedules.
  • Automate customer support.
  • Simplify NEMT billing management.
  • Reduce Rider No Shows

Circulation has seen significant growth since the company’s founding in 2016. In 2017 the company announced a strategic partnership with Lyft, making the ride-sharing company a preferred platform. Last month, Circulation announced another partnership with Buoy Health to provide access to rides for the millions of people who use Buoy’s AI-enabled health assistant. Circulation currently serves over 1,600 medical facilities in more than 40 states.

About WellRyde
WellRyde, a nuVizz Transportation solution, is an award-winning network based delivery & transportation platform. Our mission is to provide a human transportation cloud by leveraging technologies, transportation fleets and rider demand into a common platform. WellRyde provides solutions in the NEMT transportation, K-12, rural transit and demand response. Since its inception in 2015, as a specialized people movement platform, WellRyde has consistently focused on ease of use, ease of deployment, rider engagement and visibility. Combined with its capability of package movement, inherited from nuDeliverIt, WellRyde today is capable of delivering care solutions such as prescription delivery, hospital/ clinic supply, nurse visits, day care center visits under the broad umbrella of Non-Emergency Medical Services (NEMS). The HIPAA-compliant platform built on next gen micro-services architecture is poised for rapid growth and expansion and can support over 100 million trips a year. For more information on WellRyde please visit

About Circulation
Circulation takes a multidisciplinary, cutting-edge approach to fundamentally shift how consumers consume healthcare products and services. Enabling better movement of people, and disrupting the traditional NEMT marketplace, is Phase I for Circulation operations. Circulation is the first customizable, patient-centric digital transportation platform that seamlessly integrates with both healthcare systems, health plans, and Lyft’s API. Circulation also digitally integrates with traditional non-emergency medical transportation service providers, making every ride type digitally available for ordering.

The company was co-founded by John Brownstein, PhD, Professor at Harvard Medical School, and Research Faculty at Boston Children’s Hospital; Robin Heffernan, PhD, VP of Booz Allen Hamilton and successful serial entrepreneur; Jared Hawkins, PhD, MMSc, Faculty at Boston Children’s Hospital and Director of its Informatics Innovation Program. Follow Circulation on Twitter at @circulation.