WellRyde enables Non-Medical Transportation (NMT) with Rider Payments

Posted by Anantha Rao

Transportation Providers now perform Non-Medical Trips such as routine medical trips to doctor appointments etc. Such trips may require a collection of payments directly from the Rider upon trip completion. In order to collect the payments, Transportation Providers are required to have EMV equipment or NFC enabled readers in their vehicles. At the completion of trips, the driver is required to swipe the customer’s credit card to ensure that the payment is realized and hand over the receipt to the customer. This approach requires drivers to complete the payment processing activity upon trip completion.

While the above approach works it has its drawbacks:
  1. It takes time per trip that driver could otherwise invest in taking up other trips
  2. Owners who desire that trip costs not be exposed to drivers do not have a choice
  3. One of the key challenges is that Transportation Providers are required to manage two different solutions. A Scheduling / Dispatch solution that is required to capture Trip-related information and a payment processing solution to the management payment process. These systems do not talk to each other requiring the Providers to look at different systems to perform any reporting or perform any analytics.
Rider Payment subscription – Banner

Rider Payment feature in WellRyde addresses the above three concerns. Using WellRyde Trips can be booked in advance with payment details (Credit Card) for a customer. While booking is done an estimate cost of the Trip can be provided to the customer. Coupons can also be applied to specific Trips to provide discounts. Trips can then be scheduled using the powerful Scheduling tools in WellRyde to ensure optimal usage of Driver time. Drivers are dispatched on time to pick up the Customer using advanced assignment algorithms. Upon completion of the trip by the driver the payment processing is automatically triggered and a receipt is directly emailed to the customer. With Rider Payment feature WellRyde is able to combine an effective scheduling / dispatching feature and payment processing on a single platform thereby eliminating the requirement for the drivers to spend additional time after trip completion to perform these transactions.